Bobble AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation start-up that empowers billions of everyday conversations of over 50 Million users from India and around the world via its highly expressive and personalized content, including stickers, GIFs, and emojis, AI-powered contextual recommendations, speech-to-text, and many other innovative technologies via its diverse portfolio of smartphone keyboard applications. Bobble Indic Keyboard (supporting 36+ Indic languages), the flagship product of the company, and Bharat Keyboards in Bangla, Marathi & Malayalam – have the potential to revolutionize the usage of the vernacular languages, communication patterns in regional societies affect the consumer behavior around 536 million internet users from India who primarily rely on Indic languages.

Bobble’s Indic Keyboard is regarded as the highest-rated, most engaging, and retaining keyboard in the world, surpassing Google’s Gboard and Microsoft’s Swiftkey. The company has created the powerful Mint Keyboard, which is the default keyboard of Xiaomi phones.

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