About the company


Cognigy and IST Networks

Cognigy , a market leader in Conversational AI, Powers Up enterprise contact centers to exceed customer expectations, improve agent satisfaction, and rapidly respond to market changes. The Cognigy.AI platform enables next-generation customer service with a suite of solutions, including Conversational IVR, Smart Self-Service, and Agent + Assist. In addition, Cognigy.AI gives the enterprise all it needs to deliver always-on, personalized service experiences at scale, on both voice and chat. Delivering fast time to value, Cognigy.AI is a low code platform that is easy to use, supports all use cases, and is designed to integrate with existing contact center and enterprise systems fully. Cognigy’s worldwide customer portfolio includes Mobily, Toyota, Fidelity Life, Bosch, Lufthansa Group, Mercedes-Benz, and 1000+ other brands. Learn more at cognigy.com.

IST Networks , part of Majorel X, is an experienced and innovative company established in 2002 with a strong track record in delivering exceptional customer experience solutions to our clients. We cherry-pick the best CX technologies to deliver optimal solutions for our clients. IST operates within EMEA with a highly skilled workforce specializing in Contact Center (Cloud, Hybrid or on-Prem), Conversational AI, Customer Journey Management, Customer Feedback Management, Customer Engagement Systems (Cloud or on-Prem), & supporting CX technologies